Protect the most important
thing you have: Your work

Protect your valuable files like images, texts or illustrations with watermarks & filters and share them as previews with your customers via links or emails in a secure environment.

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Supports formats like

Clear management

Upload your files

With Safe Preview you can upload unlimited & secure files and organize them clearly in groups. We support dozens of file formats.

Prevention of unauthorized use

Protect your files

With a few clicks you can apply watermarks & filters to your files to protect your valuable work from unauthorized access & theft.

Always in full control

Share your files

You can share your files with third parties via email or link and also monitor the number of accesses in a secure environment.

Who should protect files with Safe Preview?

If you invest a lot of time & money in your digital work, then you should use Safe Preview to protect yourself from unauthorized access and theft.

Freelancers and individuals

As a one-man show, you certainly have to do a lot yourself: Customer acquisition, contracts and much more. Therefore, we would like to take over the protection of your digital work with Safe Preview, so that you can concentrate on the essentials!

Companies and agencies

With large teams, it's easy to lose track of everything on a day-to-day basis: Project deadlines, sales and much more. To ensure that you can still protect your digital work, you should solve Safe Preview as a solution!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Safe Preview currently supports formats like: jpeg, png, bmp, pages, key, gif, tiff, svg, pdf, txt, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, webp, xml & rtf.


Table formats like xls & numbers are currently not supported.


Audio formats like mp3, wav, aiff & aac are currently not supported.


Video formats like mp4 & mov are currently not supported.

We at Safe Preview take the protection of your data seriously! Your files are stored encrypted on our servers. No one has access to your files except you and our technicians.

You have the following options to protect your files:

  • Watermark
  • Blur filter ("blur filter")
  • Quality filter
  • Width & Height

The filters can be applied to all or only to specific pages.

In addition, you can't simply drag the preview files out of the browser.

No, because screenshots are a functionality of the computer, which we unfortunately have no influence on in the browser for security reasons. However, you can of course use various filters such as watermarks, so that a theft via screenshot is simply not worth it!

A release via link or email is sufficient to send everything for preview. The recipient does not need an account with Safe Preview for this.

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